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Our Relationship and Fees

The fees which you incur for our professional services will depend to a large extent on the type of relationship you wish to have with us on an ongoing basis.

We agree actual fees on a case by case basis depending on the amount work to be conducted and we will of course provide you with a full explanation of our fees prior to any charges being incurred.

In general however, we charge for our services on the following basis:

  • There would be no charge for the initial meeting and information gathering.
  • We would levy a fixed fee for conducting research and the preparation of your outline plan. This will depend on the extent of work required.
  • For product selection and implementation we would then typically charge a percentage of the amount invested. This will depend on the size of the investment, but will be in the range of 1-3%.

In most cases, the fee for the research and preparation of the plan will be offset against the implementation fee, subject to an overall minimum of £500.

  • Ongoing fees will depend on the relationship you choose to have with us and we offer two choices as set out below.

Core Service

  • Annual face to face review meeting to discuss any changes in personal circumstances, financial objectives and any changes in legislation.
  • Annual portfolio valuations and market commentary.
  • Access to Smythe and Walter investment panel (See "Our Investment Process").
  • Introductions to trusted connections in accountancy and law to assist with other financial needs such as tax return completion and Wills.
  • Option to buy additional services available under fixed fee menu or opt for our bespoke service.

£600 a year minimum or 0.6% of assets under management.

Bespoke – A service built entirely around your requirements

Additional benefits over Core service;

  • Optional six monthly meetings to review any changes in circumstances and objectives and to adjust investment strategy as required.
  • Online access to portfolio valuations.
  • Six monthly portfolio valuation and market commentary.
  • Seasonal newsletter to update in any relevant legislative changes, such as post budget.
  • Introduction to discretionary fund managers if appropriate to run a bespoke portfolio.
  • Invitations to specific educational events, such as economic update.

£2400 a year minimum or 0.6% of assets under management.

In order to offer the greatest degree of flexibility to clients, we are happy to take commission where available from product providers to offset our fees. Any balance would be rebated to your plan to reduce plan charges.

Fees may be subject to VAT.


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