We offer a professional fee based financial planning service.

Our service is split in to six distinct stages, with stages 1-5 being applicable to all clients and only stage 6 varying depending on the type of relationship you wish to maintain with us in the future.

1. Establishing the relationship

An initial discussion, usually by phone, for you to talk about your objectives and the type of service you require and for us to confirm whether we are able to help you. We will also confirm how our fees work and when these are paid. There is of course no charge for the initial discussion itself.

2. Gathering data and determining your goals and expectations

We will conduct a discovery meeting with you as it is important that we fully understand your current financial position, personal circumstances, your experience as an investor and your attitude to investment risk so that we are able to advise you accordingly.

3. Analyse your situation

Once we have gathered full details of your current position and existing investments, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial situation and compare them to your objectives, needs and priorities.

4. Develop your financial plan

We will consider a number of strategies to meet your objectives and present our recommendations in an understandable manner to enable you to make an informed decision.

5. Product selection and implementation

Once we have agreed what action is to be taken, we will research and recommend the specific products and investments which we feel are best suited to meeting the objectives set out in your plan. We will provide you with the reasons why we consider this to be the case and ensure they are implemented in an efficient manner.

6. Ongoing services and reviews

Over time your circumstances and the financial environment will change and therefore it may be necessary to modify your plan and rebalance any investment strategy from time to time, in order to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals.