What is sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing is all about investing in companies which are helping to address the World’s biggest challenges, finding new ways to do things and building a better future for everyone.

This may include ethical investments, where typically socially adverse businesses like alcohol production, tobacco and weapons are excluded, ESG investing, where Environmental, Social and Governance factors are combined with more traditional investment research, or Impact Investing, where the aim is to achieve specific positive social outcomes.

The brief film below, created by Aberdeen Standard Life, explains how impact investing can help improve our futures whilst providing the potential for long term returns.

How do you want to invest?

With an increasingly wide range of sustainable investment and socially responsible investment options, it is important to understand the issues which are of most concern to you, as this will vary greatly from one person to the next.

Whether you are concerned about making ethical investment choices, having an ESG investing overlay, or considering impact investing, we will help you understand the options and build a portfolio which matches your requirements.

Our 6 steps of Financial Planning

We offer a professional transparent fee based financial planning service. This service is split in to six distinct stages...

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100% Green Electricity

If you are considering sustainable investing, then you may also wish to consider sustainable energy for your home. Octopus Energy are backed by Octopus Investments, the UK’s largest investor in solar power (source: Octopus Energy).

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